In the United States the Lexus LX continues to deal in an elitist market niche where it remains alive even though it already shows itself to be a veteran. Now, with the celebration of the Los Angeles 2018 Show, the Japanese Premium manufacturer has decided to introduce an important novelty to a model that has been asking a new generation for a long time. This is the new Lexus LX Inspiration Series. Described by Lexus as a ‘luxury package’, the new Lexus LX Inspiration Series is quickly recognized for its sinister and sporty image at the same time. The Lexus SUV’s body comes painted in Black Onyx, a tint that blends nicely with the huge 21-inch alloy wheels that are also black. In addition, the grille also features a black finish, while its friezes now have a dark chrome finish. Continuing with the news in the front, do not overlook the new black bezels for the main and fog lights. The headlights are darkened and the rear windows have also been darkened to offer an extra privacy compared to the standard model. In the back continue the details in black and dark chrome for the lanterns best car covers.

In relation to the interior of the new Lexus LX Inspiration Series, very striking new things appear. The interior lining of the ceiling is black, while the standard upholstery has been replaced by a semi-aniline leather Moonlight White that contrasts interestingly with the exterior. The interior rugs and the trunk mat also show a specific finish. Another important point of the Lexus LX Inspiration Series is its complete standard equipment, where heated and ventilated front seats are found, four-zone automatic climate control, a projector that activates when opening the doors to show the LX acronym, audio equipment Mark Levinson, Color Head-Up Display, wireless charger for compatible smartphones, plus a heated leather upholstered steering wheel. As for the mechanical part, under the hood of the Lexus LX is a 5.7-liter V8 gasoline engine with 388 hp and maximum torque 546 Nm, which comes coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a full-traction system. The production of the new Lexus LX Inspiration Series will be limited to 500 copies and is already on sale with a price starting at $ 100,420. The first deliveries will take place before the end of this year.

2019 – LEXUS RC

The new Lexus RC 2019 has been introduced and is ready for its true launch that will happen in a few months. Lexus notes that since its introduction in 2014, RC has played an important role in the company’s commitment to offering vehicles that deliver a unique driving experience with a sporty look and great versatility. Keeping all its virtues, the new Lexus RC strives to reach a new level thanks to the exterior and interior modifications it has received. In addition to the aesthetic changes, Lexus took advantage of this review of its model to improve its behavior and driving thanks to adjustments made in aerodynamics, tires and suspension. The latest launches of the Premium brand have been taken as reference. Models such as the Lexus LC and Lexus LS have clearly influenced the design of the new Lexus RC 2019. Paying special attention to its front, a new bumper comes with redesigned air intakes as well as the huge and distinctive grille of the Lexus . It also debuts headlights with LED technology that include the new light signature designed by the lights for daytime driving.

In relation to the rear, there is also a revised bumper and more pronounced flashlights, also with LED technology and in the shape of the letter ‘L’. There are also two new shades for the body: Sky Blue and Flare Yellow. In total there are 11 colors that make up the palette. And in the case of the F-Sport finish, it debuts new 19-inch alloy wheels and the new grille used by Lexus F-Sport models. As for the interior of the Lexus RC 2019, a brushed treatment was applied on certain linings to increase the feeling of quality. The rest for the driver’s hands has been revised and a new analogue clock is also released – the same as the Lexus LC. Among the new interior customization options are the Nagurialuminum trim and the different colors available to create their own ambiance. On the other hand, the engineers of Lexus wanted to improve the behavior of the new RC to make their driving more fun. The suspension was adjusted and all changes made to the body improved aerodynamic performance. In addition, the engine’s response to 2.0-liter turbocharged gas has been increased to provide more direct acceleration.

The commercialization of the new Lexus RC will begin later this year. However, to see it in the dealerships, it will most likely be necessary to wait until 2019. The brand has also confirmed that the Paris 2018, which will open in October, will be the first event in which the Japanese model will be shown live.


The Japanese preparer Modellista is ready for the imminent Tokyo Auto Salon 2019. The one that is considered the most important tuning event of Japan and one of the main events worldwide. It will happen early next year and numerous car brands as well as preparers will be there. The new Lexus UX will be in full dress. The Japanese preparer designed a complete and interesting body kit for the new Lexus SUV. A suit that will allow the new Lexus UX to show a more radical, extreme and sporty image. Designed for the F-Sport finish level, the most sporty of the line, the specialist presents a body kit with numerous components. The body kit prepared by Modellista personnel for the Lexus UX includes a new front bumper where a prominent lower lip is integrated. Looking at the side, the new skirts presented by the UX are fundamental to transmit a more athletic profile next to a marked musculature. On the back, once again the new bumper will catch your attention quickly. The air vents (not functional) and the marked lines perfectly capture the essence that seeks to convey the Japanese specialist. The contrast of the new rear configuration with the LED technology lanterns that go from side to side behind is very relevant.

Nor can we ignore the new carcasses for the silver exterior mirrors and the same color inserts that are present on the C-pillars. Not least, the Lexus emblem on the huge grille was painted black to offer a more sporty look. As is customary in such cases, most likely this Modellista body kit for the Lexus UX will be available only in Japan. Regarding its price, everything will depend on the finish that is given to each of the components, since they can be ordered in a custom painting. The cheapest part of $ 244, while the most expensive component is the side skirts, whose cost is $ 850.


Just a few days ago the new Lexus UX debuted to the public during the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The Lexus SUV family welcomed the smaller member who will occupy the access level as it will be situated just below the Lexus NX current. Adopting the new design philosophy of the Japanese Premium brand, it has an image that attracts attention. Marked lines, slim and stylized headlights, as well as a huge grille, are some of the most characteristic features of the new UX. It is a model that has a close relationship with the Toyota C-HR, since it is mounted on the GA-C version of Toyota’s TNGA platform, the same one used in the C-HR. To this must be added the most innovative technology of Lexus in terms of safety, connectivity and comfort. Undoubtedly the Lexus UX will give a lot to talk about. Inevitably will be the object of the main car preparers and tuning companies. Experts at VIP Auto Salon, regular contributors to Lexus USA, show through two recreations, such as their vision of a more radical and extreme Lexus UX. A model that denotes a great aggressiveness.

VIP Auto Salon takes as a starting point the Lexus UX 250h with the F-Sport finish level and incorporates in the vehicle a body kit provided by TOM’S Racing. To this must be added new Vossen MX-3 alloy wheels. And if we take a look at the rear, there is a new exhaust system with four exits, from which will emit the roar of the engine of that car. For the 250h version, under the skin of the Lexus UX F-Sport imagined by VIP Auto Salon is a hybrid engine that combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with one or two electric motors (depending on whether it has front or full power) to have a maximum power of 178 hp. The only transmission that will be available initially will be an automatic e-CVT. Electric motors will be powered by the energy stored in a package of nickel-metal batteries installed under the rear seat. For the time being the performance of the Lexus UX 250h is unknown, then it will be necessary to wait a few weeks for the rest of the data on the new Lexus SUV. Its commercialization will start in the second half of 2018.


Klassen is a company accustomed to stretch an important variety of luxury cars. In its history there are examples such as the Mercedes-Maybach S Class, the G Class, the Range Rover Autobiography and the Bentayga Bentley. Now comes the turn of the first Rolls-Royce SUV, the Cullinan, which with this preparation has a wheelbase of no less than 4.3 meters in length to form a limousine 6.3 meters long. But the work of the German coach is not limited to just lengthening this luxurious SUV. It also gives you extra protection in the form of level 7 shielding, and if the client still feels it is not enough, you can request level 9 protection. In its protected interior there is no missing partition wall and Bang & Olufsen sound equipment, accompanied by a multimedia center and LED ambient lighting. Even if they guarantee all the functionalities can be controlled through an iPhone. The problem comes when you talk about its price: around 1.8 million euros. Quite apart from the 250,000 euros it originally leaves and without counting on the large amount of options and customizations. In addition, it is also necessary to take into account that this transformation, according to Klassen, needs six months of work after the request has been made. However, it is clear that anyone who wants to have this super SUV in their garage can not have the money or the time to turn their Cullinan into something even more exclusive and opulent.